Greetings, this is Professor Hoh Peter In

As we know the Internet brought about the revolution of information, and the blockchain will revolutionize the present-day concept of assets. Therefore, we plan to develop blockchain technology extensively to prepare for the enactment and revision of blockchain-related laws and systems and carry out Start-up supporting the business through in-depth business model development.

We will build a network through event hosting of workshops, and seminars with participating researchers and participating companies, conducting joint research projects to resolve disregarded government policies as the consequences of negative perceptions of the domestic blockchain industry from Bitcoin. As such, we will exert our effort to resolve these political issues and reiterate the overall perceptions of the domestic coin industry. 

The IBEL, an intelligent blockchain engineering laboratory will aim to be the center of the blockchain ecosystem, not only we will operate on the academic research of blockchain but also the ecosystem of business areas and related industries for progressive development.

Lab Research

Technology Development of Improving the Vulnerability and Reliability Error of the Process of Smart Contract Development-Deployment-Execution

April 2021 ~ December 2025

Blockchain Technology Research to Ensure Data Soverignty

March 2021 ~ February 2025

Development of a Smart Contract Visualization Platform for User Convenience Improvement

April 2020 ~ December 2022


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10.2(월) ~ 10.16(월) 5시



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